Mindfulness-based Art Therapy Class


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Mindfulness-based Art Therapy - Basic Techniques 


Olivia A. Stull, BA

Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student

University of Kansas


Wednesday, June 3rd

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM 

$20 per person, enrollment limited to 15


Before we can even speak, humans are using images to understand the world around them, suggesting art-based therapy may be a comprehensible modality for both education and counseling.


By incorporating mind, body, and emotions, people are enabled to explore parts of themselves that words may not capture accurately.


Much like how some people crave structured activities, others are naturally more receptive to creative endeavours, indicating the importance for basic art-based therapy skills in a variety of settings. 


This three-hour class puts a unique twist on traditional art-based therapy by incorporating the fundamental principles of mindfulness, a therapeutic style rooted in Buddhist psychology.


Topics include:

● Introduction to art-based therapy
● Mindfulness-based art therapy 
● Immersive mindfulness-based art activity
● Group processing and application to unique settings